• Operating length of railways 2139,85 km
  • Charter capital 906 061 960 AZN
  • Number of employees 17,446

Azərbaycan Dəmir Yolları

“Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC is a state-owned company which carries out the transportation of the freight, passengers, mail and luggage. All of the company shares are owned by the state.

Our goal

The main goal of the company is to meet the needs of the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, natural persons and legal entities for the rail transportation and other services in the field of railways, to develop and improve the railways and the railway transport infrastructure in public use, to ensure the railway traffic management, to modernize and efficiently use the railroad yard and technical capacity and to train staff in the field.   

Our history

The company was established according to Presidential Decree № 383 dated 20 July 2009 “About the establishment of “Azerbaijan Railways” Closed Joint Stock Company” through the reorganization of the Azerbaijan State Railways. 

In general, Azerbaijan railways have a rich and great history. The railways have been playing an important role in the economy, culture and daily life of the population since 1880 when the first railway line was commissioned.  



Our vision to the future

To improve the quality and security of the services by improving efficiency and corporate management, ensure the sustainable development of the railway business and thus improve the financial performance indicators, speed up integration into the international transport system.  

Our mission

To support the social and economic development of Azerbaijan by providing high-quality services in freight and passenger transportation and ensuring the efficient management of the railway infrastructure. 


Respect and consideration

Respect and consideration

We build relations with our customers, partners and employees based on mutual respect and consideration.


We comprehend our responsibility before the state and society in the capacity of a railway operator and make every endeavor to prove it in our activities.
Quality and safety

Quality and safety

We are guided by quality and safety principles in every activity that we perform